Iran's Leader Maintained Tension With Donald Trump

Along these lines, addressing Arab neighbors, he said it is "a big lie" that Iran causes wars in other Islamic countries and urged them to have "self-confidence." "The greatest punishment for the United States will be its departure from the region," Jamenei said, referring to the US troops and the objective declared by his State after the murder of the powerful general, Qasem Soleimani, on January 3.

For his part, the Shiite, referred to the attack on a military base of US troops in Iraq and said it was "a blow against the United States, which broke its prestige and arrogance." In addition, he described Trump as being a "clown" who pretends to support the Iranians, but will eventually betray them.

As for the surrender, he said that several European countries are looking for Iran to "kneel" before them because they are "lackeys and tools at the service of the United States." "Their negotiations have many pitfalls and reflect their ill will, we cannot trust them," said the leader in reference to France, the United Kingdom and Germany, who expressed strong differences regarding the nuclear agreement with Iran.


Just yesterday, Britain resolved to declare the entire Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. “His Majesty's Treasury Department has designated the entire Hezbollah organization under the Terrorist Asset Freezing Act of 2010. This asset freeze aligns with the decision made last year by the Chancellor of the Treasury, Sajid Javid, to Outlaw the entire organization, ”they explained from the government agency.

11 US soldiers wounded

The United States Navy acknowledged that at least 11 soldiers were injured after the Iranian attack on the military base in al Asad, Iraq, on January 8. More than 1,500 soldiers hid in bunkers.



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