Irina Accepts That The Beginning Of Her Romance With Soto Was a Mistake That She Continues To Pay For

Irina Baeva accepts that the way she began her romance with Gabriel Soto, with whom she began dating when he had not yet divorced Geraldine Bazán, was precipitated

Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto They just got engaged and, even so, and after almost three years of dating, their relationship continues to cause them a headache or another.


The Russian actress attended as a guest at In an interview with Yordi Rosado, in which he described his courtship with Soto as a “mistake” that he paid dearly for and that continues to pay until today.

“Maybe it was hasty. Maybe it was a mistake that I paid dearly for, which I still make to this day. I did it for love, I fell in love with a man who was separated, who did have a story, a baggage, which was not on my cardboard at age 20, but that’s how it happened, “said Irina Baeva with a broken voice.

“The issue here is that he divorced and did it for him and we are happy, in a solid relationship, based on trust and transparency from day one, in a committed relationship with each other and so much so that we are leaving. to get married and we are going to start a family, “added the actress.

Baeva said that she met Gabriel Soto when they both starred in the telenovela Love came

and that for a long time they were only very good friends.

We meet in Love came and we get along super well. Like any coworker, we told each other things, we shared on the set, you’ve been recording the novel for 11 months. We started working on the play. It was a month on tour. Nothing at all ever happened. “

However, during the tour of the play Why do men love bitches? friendship turned into something more. Before even starting their relationship, the actor told her that he was separated and she accepted it that way.

“At some point that empathy began to occur and then Gabriel is the one who takes the first step. He tells me: ‘Look, there is an interest involved, I like you but I want you to know…’. With all honesty and transparency he told me from day one: ‘I am separating’. I think it is very valid.

“At that point I said, ‘Ok. Two things are important to me: I was not going to be with a half-hearted person who has unfinished business and, two, if you want to make a drastic decision, it’s for you, not for me. And the responsibility is solely yours ”.

Finally, Gabriel Soto divorced his wife, actress Geraldine Bazan, but by then he was already Irina’s partner.