Irina Baeva In White And Black Lycra Mini Shorts Looks Prettier

Irina Baeva in white and black lycra mini shorts looks prettier | Instagram photo

One of the celebrities who dropped her pearl quarantine, without a doubt, Irina Baeva, is getting more and more beautiful and, boyfriend Gabriel Soto is enjoying these days at his side to the fullest. However, in white and black lycra mini shorts it looks much prettier.

The truth is that Irina Baeva, who has declared herself a fan of yoga, is one of her favorite disciplines. And although we have seen her hitting the abs and some other weight lifting. Just like cardio on the bike, there is never a lack of alignment of your body and soul with yoga.


Irina Baeva in white and black shorts

Of course, this set of yin and yang, is more than perfect. A sports top in white, which by the way, has become one of your favorites in various outfits, accessories and even nails. While the lycra mini shorts stole the attention of her followers, they did not hesitate to tell her how pretty she looked.

With a provocative look and tousled hair, Irina Baeva posed in front of the camera, who will she be challenging? The hard work at home shows, especially in the toned arms and those perfect abs. Well, it has become an inspiration for many women!

Anyway, Irina Baeva, spent a Children’s Day, very happy, next to the man she loves, doing what she likes and also remembered a photo of when a little blonde with pigtails running around, how are you? Good for the Russian, who is already more acapulqueña than anything.

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