Irina Baeva’s Tender Gesture For The Daughters Of Geraldine Bazán And Gabriel Soto

The Russian actress had a detail for the little ones on the occasion of their respective birthdays

Irina Baeva He has just shown once again that as far as his partner’s daughters are concerned, all he seeks is to have a loving and cordial relationship. Therefore, now that Elissa Marie’s birthday passed and Miranda (the girls of Gabriel Soto), the Russian actress had a tender gesture with them.


Girls celebrate their respective birthdays with days of difference and while Elissa He turned 11, Miranda He celebrated six years of life. Faced with these special events for Gabriel, the actor turned to his social networks to write tender congratulatory messages.

For example, to Elissa He wrote: “Today you are 11 years old, my daughter. Thank you for choosing me as your dad. Thank you for giving me the greatest joys with every hug you give me, with every smile and with every time you say “I love you”. May life continue giving you all the blessings and health, daughter. I will always be for you to love you, support you and accompany you on your way. Very very happy birthday my Elissa. I love you with all my heart ”.

Before this message Irina Baeva posted a “like.” To many, this gesture might seem insignificant; however, the Russian wanted to make her partner and her daughters feel that everything that happens in her environment interests her, so instead of skipping being part of her birthday Elissa

He decided to post his likes.

And the same happened with the message that Gabriel Soto wrote to Miranda. “Today is your birthday, my daughter. You are already 6 years old and I am so, but so proud of you. You are the girl with the biggest heart, the most mischievous, and the most tender in the whole world. You melt my heart with your looks, with your smiles and with all the love you give me little daughter. I LOVE to be your dad and I will also ALWAYS be to accompany you and love you on your way. Happy birthday little daughter. A lot of health and a lot of life, my love. ”

New account Irina Baeva posted a “like” letting know Gabriel and his daughters who will be for them.

Last year Geraldine Bazan denounced in Instagram what Gabriel Soto violated the rights of his daughters by “forcing them to greet their current partner” (that is, Irina) what she said caused them “crying, confusion and insecurity”. Before this statement, the actor responded to this accusation with a photograph of Elisa Marie Y Alexa Miranda playing with his girlfriend and making it clear that girls actually had a good time with his girlfriend.