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Is Angela Aguilar’s Wedding Coming Up?

Is it a message that a wedding is coming? Ángela Aguilar once again revolutionized social networks and this time it was not because of her artistic talent.

Rumors that Angela Aguilar’s marriage is coming are getting stronger and stronger. There is no doubt that the singer is always giving something to talk about with her looks, but this time after revealing photos dressed as a wedding, she generated many doubts and rumors.

“SOURCE: La Opinion”

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The 17-year-old girl has already been showing all her talent – which without a doubt – is above the renown that the entire Aguilar family has.

It should be noted that the ?? Aguilar Dynasty ?? It is one of the most important in the world of Mexican regional music and precisely Angela, is the one who today is emerging as one of the favorite singers of the new generation.

In addition to the sympathy that characterizes her, in a very short time she generated great admiration and adoration from both young and old. Those who know her say that she is a very respectful girl and this shows every time the media approaches her.

There’s no denying that, beyond her early popularity, Angela has so far been staying away from all sorts of unnecessary scandals, but this time she caused a lot of commotion. Could it be that … is the wedding coming?

Ángela Aguilar: Strong marriage rumors

It should be remembered that a few days ago, Angela Aguilar uploaded photos to her social networks where she is seen dressed as a wedding. Precisely in the first photograph you can also see an engagement ring. “SOURCE: Turquesa News”

Although the young woman did not give any kind of explanation to the rumors, the followers were quickly shocked by the photos and began to comment and ask questions.

Among so many versions, rumors also arose about an alleged pregnancy. According to Internet users who are constantly attentive to the singer’s every movement, they assure that her belly is bulging.

As if that were not enough, there is also talk that there will be a wedding soon. A few hours later, Angela uploaded another photo, wearing what would appear to be the wedding veil. Photo: Instagram @angela_aguilar_

From that last publication the fans were even more confused. While some speculate that Angela will probably marry so young, others point out that it is surely just a new single or some collaboration.

What do you think? Is Angela Aguilar’s wedding coming up?


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