Is It Better To Exercise Or Diet To Lose Weight? The Definitive Answer

To make the transition from a life full of carbohydrates and a sedentary lifestyle to an active and healthy life, it is essential to set a series of objectives to achieve based on different actions. Normally, doctors and dietitians recommend adopting a healthy diet and carry out an exercise routine to boost your metabolism and lose accumulated fat.

But which of these changes is more effective in meeting your weight loss goals? The magazine ‘Pop Sugar’ has consulted the experts to clear up any doubts, and what they all agree on is that if you want to lose weight in the shortest possible time, it will be better if you focus more on diet than exercise.

If you are trying to lose a few pounds, heavy dinners are not your allies


“One of the biggest fallacies when it comes to losing weight is that it only goes with physical activity,” observes Fatima Cody Stanford, an obesity expert. “On average, most people who go out for sports will tend to keep the pounds off.” An opinion that Avigdor Arad, a dietitian at Mount Sinai PhysioLab, agrees with. “Exercise can help with weight loss, but it is not very effective on its own; it also has to go hand in hand with a change in eating habits.”

“People who are trying to lose weight should focus 100% on dieting and what they eat. It is the most effective,” says Arad. Still, exercise and diet are essential, since while one restricts the number of fats and empty calories, the other serves to burn lipids accumulated in areas such as the stomach or more importantly, in the arteries.

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Therefore, do not neglect either, although if you really want to lose weight as soon as possible, it is best to adopt a healthy diet based on fiber and protein. “Going out for a run or going to the gym has many benefits such as improving heart function, speeding up metabolism, gaining muscle mass and strengthening the immune and circulatory systems,” says the dietitian. “But if we just stick to fast and efficient weight loss, diet is extremely important.”

It is a screaming truth: if you are trying to lose a few pounds, heavy dinners are not your allies, rather the opposite. Enough of excuses. Many times eating healthy depends on the time or the desire you have to get down to work on the stove. Eating precooked or frozen products, despite being a quick way to get complex dishes that would require time and dedication, will not help you at all when it comes to meeting your weight goals.

Substitute carbohydrates for proteins found in grilled meats and fish

What dishes or food do you need to avoid at all costs? Firstly, sugary drinks, since it is more than proven that they increase obesity rates in both children and adults. You should restrict as much as possible the consumption of sweets and desserts, as well as any processed product that contains sugar, such as some cans of fried tomato, as well as other than sauces, such as soy, ketchup or mustard. Take a good look at the labeling of each one to make sure that what you buy is glucose-free.

Another measure you should take is to reduce carbohydrates as much as possible. More than 20 studies support that diets low in these types of substances lead to weight loss up to three times greater than those low in fat. Instead, turn to proteins. Without a doubt, it is the easiest and most effective way to eat well, in quantity and with a view to losing weight because the body uses more calories to metabolize this component than with fats or carbohydrates. In addition, it reduces annoying cravings by 60%, according to a study. Meat and fish are the two great foods rich in protein, but yes: never fry them with oil, instead cook them on the grill. They are delicious.