Is It You, Eduardo Capetillo? Photo Of Javier Alatorre Without A Mustache Drives The Network Crazy

Is It You, Eduardo Capetillo? Photo Of Javier Alatorre Without a Mustache Drives The Network Crazy

The TV Azteca driver became a trend for a radical change of look that surprised more than one Twitter user.

Javier Alatorre he turned 26 be part of the cast of Aztec TV, its image is popularly known, thanks to the fact that during these more than two decades it has been the titular figure of the news spaces of that television.


It was this weekend he celebrated his 26 years in the company, and to celebrate it, a video was shared on social networks driver evolution images where it was appreciated how the years have passed by him.

“Tonight in FACTS! This is how we started this story 26 years ago. Thanks to the talent and commitment of the companions and companions of @AztecaNoticias And especially thanks to you for your trust. #FACTS Anniversary 26”, he wrote To the tower in your Twitter account.

In addition Ricardo Salinas Pliego, president of TV Azteca also dedicated a few words. “For 26 years, #Facts is the most credible and favorite news from # Mexico. Thanks to @Javier_Alatorre and his great team for the delivery and professionalism of bringing, in a timely and accurate way, the most relevant information to millions of homes Congratulations! @Azteca, “he wrote.

However, what most caught the attention of the public is that it seems that the years do not go through it, because an increase of years is not perceived, it is not seen different, only in a few images it appears without its classic mustache.

Everyone identifies Javier Alatorre With his characteristic mustache, a particular seal that has distinguished him during his more than two decades of career, but during 2006, he decided to take it off.

Many did not remember that stage of Javier, so this fact became more relevant and made it become a trend in social networks this Sunday morning.

Of course this caused several Internet users to create dozens of memes, as many people have compared the communicator with the actor Eduardo Capetillo.