Is Russia Trying To Intercede Again For Donald Trump To Win The Election?

The re-election of Donald Trump or his defeat has already entered the right land.

Three weeks after the first Democratic primary, an old ghost reappears in the US elections: Russian interference.

On Tuesday, The New York Times revealed that Russian militia hacked the gas company, which is at the center of the Ukrainian plot that is the reason for the impeachment against Donald Trump, a company for which one of today's children worked Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.


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After this, doubts began to arise about whether Russia is trying to intercede again for Donald Trump to win the election.

“It seems that they are active again with the supervision of their president. We all have to denounce any attempt to interfere in our elections because Americans have to decide in their own elections, ”said Adam Schiff, Democratic representative

So far, it is unknown what kind of material the Russians were looking for or if something was obtained, not least if it is related to Biden and its confidentiality. However, the coincidence of times has made Democrats on alert because campaigns are in full swing.

Candidates are already preparing for a new debate that will take place in Iowa



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