Isabel Allende Called Donald Trump "moron," Why?

Chilean writer Isabel Allende wondered Monday that how a US president like Donald Trump can deny climate change, with what that means, and said that this can only make him a "jerk."

Isabel Allende, who receives the Barcino International Novel Prize in Barcelona this Monday, appeared at a busy press conference in which she ventured that a time of fundamental changes is coming "and she hopes" to be alive to see them ".

The writer did not shy away from any question, both about the current moment of the world, and about the situation in her country, about which she said that "people claim not so much for poverty as for inequality, which is an insult."


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He also spoke of his latest novel, "Largo petal de mar", a work that "unites" the Spain of civil war, "the defeated, and Chile of 1939, which was provincial, conservative, isolated, and reached a wave of wonderful people – Spanish exiles – who were very well received and who contributed so much to culture, science, music that today it is impossible to quantify it, but they and their descendants changed history. "

Allende, who has lived in California for years, said that today "there are mass movements, uncertainty and discomfort in many parts of the world," that "they will generate great changes, which will be very important."

"It is the young generation, the one that is going to inherit the world, the one that is more restless and does not want this system. They are people worried about climate change. All this will produce very positive changes, we will enter a time of changes fundamental and I hope to be alive to see them. We will start taking vitamins quickly, "he said.

Nor did this author pass away, with more than seventy million readers and 24 books under her belt, that the "old men who are running the world" should "be ashamed" that a girl like Greta Thunberg "has to shake the awareness".

"How is it possible – he wondered – that the president of the republic of the United States denies climate change, with what that means in terms of policies, of image, of the message he gives to the world? Who can deny it? Only a fool can deny it, "she answered herself.

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On Chile, he indicated that it has been an "extraordinary surprise" for both government politicians, as for those of the opposition, the massive protest in the streets in recent days, because it is a country "that appears in statistics as an oasis in Latin America, but the figures do not show the distribution of income, resources and inequalities, of the highest in the world. "

He recalled that 1 percent of the population has 25 percent of the wealth, with 40 percent of the population that "cannot afford basic services, everything is privatized, with a neoliberal system imposed by the Pinochet dictatorship of agreement with the 'Chicago boys', which could be implanted fiercely because there was no labor representation. "

For the novelist, for seventeen years "capital had all the freedom possible without having the democratic counterweight of unions, political parties, of citizen representation, and this model, applied in 1980, has remained thirty years."

Now, "under the pretext that the price of the subway would rise, a revolt has erupted, a massive protest, in which everyone is on the street."

Author of historical novels, in her last title reflects on refugees, an issue that "is more than ever in the air today", although "the masses of displaced people have always existed."

At this point, he said that the United States is also experiencing "a true human rights crisis on the border with Mexico, since Trump is president, with subhuman situations, with detention centers, which are actually prisons."

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Asked about future projects, she acknowledged that she has "no idea" and revealed that she thinks all her books from January 8.

In addition, he did not hide that, although on many other occasions in October he already has feelings about what he is going to address in his next works, this year has been "hard" for the death of his mother, his "beloved" stepfather, his ex-husband and his dog, and with so many "ashes" it is difficult to start new projects.



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