Israel | “Donald Trump, The Settlements And The Apocalypse”, By Farid Kahhat

The exclusive settlements for Jewish settlers that the State of Israel builds in occupied Palestinian territories are contrary to international law: although they do not act accordingly, at least that is the position shared by the General Assembly and the UN Security Council, the Court Justice International and, except Israel, all the states on the planet.

Or at least that was the position they shared until a few days ago, when the Trump administration decided to ignore the legal analysis that its own State Department developed in 1978 (which coincides with that position) to maintain that it no longer considers such settlements to be illegal. under international law.

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By the way, the 1978 legal analysis of the State Department would remain in force, since that change of position did not require the elaboration of a new legal document: it was enough with the word of the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, so that, according to his government, change the legal status of settlements. In the same way that the Trump administration did not require any scientific report to deny climate change and then proceed to withdraw its government from the Paris Agreement (another issue in which it holds a position contrary to that of all others countries of the planet).

The funny thing is that denying the illegal nature of the settlements was not something that required him, for example, Aipac (the main lobbying organization of the Jewish community in the United States): that was rather a demand for conservative evangelical organizations. Organizations that maintain a peculiar relationship with the State of Israel. According to a report by Michael Luo in 2008 for the newspaper “The New York Times,” these organizations have “a literal understanding of biblical prophecies that places special emphasis on the role of the nation of Israel at the end of history ( …) They believe that the return of the Israelites to the promised land is a condition for the second arrival of Jesus Christ. ”

That is, his support for Israel is only a means to achieve his true end (the second arrival of Jesus Christ that would announce the end of history). Therefore, this support is not extended to the Jews as a religious group (since the only way in which, towards the end of time, they could be saved from hell would be to convert to Christianity).

Hence the paradox that Robert Jeffress and John Hagee were the evangelical pastors who officiated the inauguration ceremony of the American embassy in Jerusalem (another issue in which the Trump administration changed the position of the US Government to ingratiate itself with its evangelical base). We talked about the same Robert Jeffress who, on that occasion, said: “We thank you every day for giving us a president who bravely takes advantage of the right side of the story but, more importantly, takes sides for you, God, when it comes to Israel ”, but then maintains before his parishioners that“ you cannot save yourself by being Jewish ”. According to the report mentioned in the newspaper "The New York Times," John Hagee, in turn, once said that "certain Bible verses clearly showed that Adolph Hitler and the Holocaust were part of God's plan to scare away Jews. from Europe, and lead them to Palestine. ”



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