Israel Vetoes Export Of Palestinian Agricultural Products To Jordan

Israel vetoed the export of Palestinian agricultural products to Jordan today, a measure that aggravates its complicated relations since the presentation of the US peace plan. UU., And is another step in response to the Israeli meat boycott that the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) started four months ago. “As of today morning, the exportation of Palestinian agricultural products abroad through the Allenby crossing (border crossing between the occupied West Bank and Jordan, under Israeli and Jordanian control) will not be allowed,” COGAT (coordination office) reported. of Israel for activities in the Palestinian territories). This measure further limits the export possibilities of Palestinians, who have one of their main doors to trade relations in Jordan, and it is not the first of its kind that Israel has recently adopted. A week ago, it already suspended the importation of the same products to its territory, also in retaliation for the ANP ban on the export of Israeli calves in October, which the Palestinian Government carried out as part of its initiatives to gradually cut off its economic ties with Israel. “As soon as the Palestinian Authority decides to reverse its decision to harm livestock trade with Israel and the free market, the situation will return to normal,” said COGAT, which said the “boycott of the calves” hurt “drastically.” to Israeli cattle breeders. ” Economic relations between Palestinians and Israelis are governed by the so-called Paris protocols, an annex to the Oslo Accords (1993-1995), the last framework negotiated to date. The Oslo Accords also define security cooperation between Israel and the PNA, which Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas threatened to break last week after the presentation of the US peace proposals. UU. on January 28, which the Palestinians reject fully. Recent measures occur after an escalation of violence in the West Bank and Jerusalem this week, amid growing tension since Washington presented its “Vision of Peace,” which poses a Palestinian state with limited sovereignty, the annexation of part of the occupied West Bank. and a capital in a small and peripheral area of ​​East Jerusalem. In this context, last Thursday there were three attacks, an intentional outrage and two assaults with a firearm against Israeli security forces. In total, four Palestinians – including a police officer – died in clashes against the Israeli Army between the same day and Friday. In addition, another rocket was fired yesterday from Gaza to Israel, the seventh launch in a week, responded with Israeli shelling against military positions of the Hamas Islamist movement in the strip.