Israeli General Claims Donald Trump Knows Aliens Exist

2020 does not stop surprising. The last big news of the year could be the possible existence of aliens and an underground base on Mars where Americans live. The icing on this cake would be that Donald Trump, current president of the United States, would know it and was about to confess it.

Professor Haim Eshed, a reputed retired general of the Israeli Army dedicated to space security, has stated in an interview in Yediot Aharonot that his country and the United States have been dealing with aliens for several years, who have formed a Galactic Federation that has avoided various cataclysms on Earth.

According to Eshed, the contacts between humans and Martians would have been constant to investigate the universe. However, he pointed out that this information has been kept secret because humanity is not prepared to face a truth of this caliber.


One of the great actors of this Martian reality would be Donald Trump, who would be aware that in the subsoil of Mars there is a base where a colony of Americans coexists with other superior races.

In addition, Eshed has stated that the orange-skinned tycoon would have wanted to reveal all these secrets; However, the extraterrestrials themselves would have slowed Trump’s impulse since they consider that humanity has to mature until they can understand this great galactic truth.

Despite being knowledgeable about Martian life and relationships with humans, Eshed hadn’t wanted to talk about it so they wouldn’t take him crazy. However, you consider that you have already gained enough reputation to be credible.



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