Issue Freeze Notice Tuesday Night In The Houston Area | Univision 45 Houston KXLN

Temperatures are expected to fall below the freezing point and to go in some areas from 21 degrees to 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

For this reason, the authorities issued the warnings of freezing and heavy freezing.

In the case of Harris County, freezing would be present at temperatures below 30 degrees. While to the north of the city is where the cold would be living stronger because the warning is of strong freezing.


They recommend to people that if they have pets, leave them inside the house or in a warm place. If you have plants if you can put them inside, it is a good option, if not cover them with a blanket.

Houses that have the irrigation system should turn it off. Like pipes, they can be covered so they don't freeze.

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🐶🐈 Don't forget to protect your pets during this cold wave