It Can Cause An Earthquake In Football

FC Barcelona anxiously awaits Lionel Messi’s decision regarding its future. The Catalans have certified in a thousand different ways that the Argentine is an indisputable player for the club and a guarantee that things can go well. His impact is not only on the field, although his scoring figures and contribution to the offensive game in the last decade have kept Barça as the best team in Europe.

At the Camp Nou they know that the ‘Messi effect’ goes beyond their goals: he is the player who generates the most, economically speaking, and the main reason why Barça has become a universal club: in every corner of the world. In the world, even the smallest country, there is a child playing soccer wearing the Rosario star shirt. The numbers prove it: if Messi charges 138 million euros per year, it is because he generates 250 or 300 ‘kilos’ to the club.

He has become a legend, of Barça, football and sport in general and for that reason Barcelona does not want to let him go, but it will be very complicated, especially after all the controversies in recent months (the words of Carles Tusques, the leak of your contract …). Meanwhile, Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City are patiently waiting for the Argentine’s decision to take over his record, the most coveted on the planet.


The departure of Messi from the Camp Nou would be a very strong blow for Barça, both in terms of sports and finances, but it is not the only club that depends on the Argentine’s final decision regarding its future. The clubs interested in his signing, City and PSG, know that, although it would arrive for free, his salary will be a large outlay and, with the Covid-19 pandemic and its ravages, it will not be easy to digest.

The point is that if Messi leaves FC Barcelona, ​​there will be a cascade effect that could revolutionize the world of European football and that is when several scenarios arise, depending on the team that ‘La Pulga’ chooses to continue his football career, to continue adding goals and titles:

If he signs for PSG …

There is no doubt that the Parisian team wants Messi, but it will not be so easy. In France they are negotiating the television rights of Ligue 1 and could end up having big economic losses for teams, including the capital’s team. In addition, it is a reality that in the Parc des Princes they cannot maintain the salary of three superstars: Leo, Neymar Jr and Kylian Mbappé, so they would have to do without one, who would be the French striker.

There a new stakeholder would enter. It is convenient for Real Madrid that Messi goes to Paris for two reasons: Barça would ‘lose’ level and they would have the door open to sign Mbappé, which has been the great desire of the merengue entity for several years.

If you sign for City …

In the event that ‘La Pulga’ meets Pep Guardiola in England, the story will change, both for FC Barcelona, ​​obviously, and for Manchester City, PSG and Real Madrid. It must be remembered that the ‘citizen’ forward Sergio Agüero ends his contract in June and, if Messi arrives, it is impossible for him to renew, so, according to several British media, he could end up at the Camp Nou.

On the other hand, if Messi chooses City, PSG would return ‘to the load’ to obtain the renewal of Mbappé, whose contract expires in 2022. The negotiations, for now, are totally stopped but, if they do not get the Argentine, they will fight for keep the Frenchman in the Parque de los Príncipes, news that would be a jug of cold water for Real Madrid, who would forget his dream of signing him.