It Doesn’t Stop! Dua Lipa Surprised Her Fans Again With An Unthinkable Look What Did You Do?

Dua Lipa has not only become one of the most popular singers in recent years. In addition, their challenging looks always give what to talk about in networks. And once again, he did it again, although in this case it is striking that they are shoes.

So is! The interpreter of “Electricity” He uploaded a photo to his Instagram where he appears with tacos of all colors, which besides being like her, irreverent, have wheels. Obviously he quickly got thousands of likes. Related News Actually, the pop diva achieved in less than 24 hours 2 million “likes” with his post in which he appears with a challenging and colorful outfit.

“Only for you Sidney,” the British singer wrote in the post. Apparently, he dedicated his look to the LGTBIQ community, since he added several colored flags that identify “pride.” In the same way that he obtained such a number of likes, the London-born artist received only positive comments and full of much love.


Although some also reacted worried about the position in which it appears in the photo the singer of “New Rules “.

“Be careful if you twist your leg.” “This scares me: rollers and heels!” Were some of the shocking comments. It doesn’t matter in what way and with what look, but whenever Dua Lipa shares some of his outfits, he drives his followers crazy.