“It Is Not Easy To Be a Public Figure”: Learn About The Daily Life Of Ninel Conde!

To be in the entertainment world it is important to keep the fans happy, and Ninel Conde is one of the best in this area. Recently, the influencer shared a video on her YouTube channel to let her fans know what a day in her working life is like.

Not everything is luxuries, nor selfies, the life of an artist is as hard as it is complicated. At least, that’s the message he wanted to convey the Mexican singer in a kind of “mini reality” that tells the details of their daily lives. Related News “We have prepared a backstage video of what was the week in Miami, where I was as a presenter in” Drop the Soup. ” I had an amazing time, ”says Count at the beginning of the video.

The film and television actress was invited to this program of the Telemundo network, where she was encouraged to perform a group prayer before going on air. the interpreter of “El Bombón Asesino” He introduced his entire work group, from his personal makeup artist to his driver, who is not a fan of the camera.


“The adventures of a public figure are not easy. They are not just reflectors, luxuries or amenities. There is always discipline, effort and many things we have to go through to get to your television and be close to you, ”said the Mexican at the end of the video.

Ninel has 60,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, but is punctually known for being the creator of the popular song, “The killer bonbon.”