"It is not so serious": the irresponsible position of young people on the beaches of Miami about the coronavirus

“It Is Not So Serious”: The Irresponsible Position Of Young People On The Beaches Of Miami About The Coronavirus

Despite the social isolation measures and the strict quarantines imposed by some countries in the face of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), young Americans ignored the warnings and flocked to the beaches of the state of Florida, United States.

With closed public beaches and bars and restaurants that stop serving at 11 at night, “spring breakers”, as young people who celebrate the arrival of spring are known, remain on the sidelines of prevention measures.

“I’m not going to worry about getting coronavirus. After all, nothing is going to stop me from partying,” said Brady Sluder, an Ohio spring-breaker, interviewed by Reuters.


For her part, Brianna Leeder believes the measures are too drastic. “They are ruining my vacation. There is nothing to do, they are closing everything. It is very exaggerated what is happening,” said the young woman about the containment measures.

“What they are doing is bad and we want them to pay us back. This virus is not that serious, there are more important things, like hunger and poverty,” said Atlantis Walker, another 21-year-old from Indiana, frustrated by the closure of beaches and bars.

In Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale, accesses to public beaches were blocked, and the authorities do not rule out applying fines and arrests for people who do not comply with the restrictions. “The beach closings have no history, but it is a necessary situation,” said Dean Trantalis, mayor of Fort Lauderdale.