It Is Not The Coronavirus! Scientists Reveal What Is The Worst Disease Of The 21st Century

There are more and more young people presenting problems of a person of 65 because of this evil

Stress is considered the disease of the 21st century, according to experts, who attribute it to the frenetic lifestyle of today and that causes lowering of defenses, acne, blood pressure, depression and even memory loss.

As they have pointed out to Europa Press the experts of the Center for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury “Grow” in Seville, Spain, which is carrying out workshops aimed at people between 45 and 60 years old with forgetfulness due to stress, own memory losses Age usually begins to manifest after 65 years. However, due to the increase in cases of younger people arriving at the consultations, Crecer has detected the need to work with these patients so that their memory problems do not become acute and cease to exist.


The scientific director of Crecer, León Carrión, explains that much of this problem is due to addiction to technologies and work, so he recommends learning to disconnect and set limits.

The designed courses have an average duration of between two and three months. Upon completion, normally, the patient improves memory and its ability to solve problems, becoming more effective and executive.



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