It Leaves You Breathless! Shakira Danced Barefoot And Her Movements Were Too Much. Are You Ready?

Shakira is once again trending in the entertainment world thanks to a video that has been circulating for several hours on social networks.

In it, the famous one appears doing what she knows how to do best is dancing, and she does it with a very special wardrobe that left everyone speechless.

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The coffee maker is one of the most famous artists of recent times, her shows are the most entertaining to watch and thanks to her talent her career is at the top.

The Colombian has dressed this time as a lioness to dance and sing on stage for the millions of fans she has on all continents.

In a one-piece pink dress with an animal print design, the Neogranadina danced to the rhythm of “Hips don’t Lie”, moving from side to side is her passion.

The Barranquillera unleashed passions thanks to those movements that we are used to seeing. Likes and comments have reached thousands.

The artist after having participated in the Super Bowl halftime show has received a lot of criticism, many consider that her participation was marked by excesses in the dressing room and at the dances.