It Was a Lie? Lupillo Rivera Refuses To Talk About His Alleged Affair With Belinda

At 30, Belinda is at her best personal and artistic moment. More beautiful than ever and with a privileged figure awakens sighs in every public appearance she makes.

It is true that men in love with singer Naturalized in Mexico that receives invitations and compliments from those interested in conquering their love. Related NewsIn 2019, while the beautiful woman participated in the program “La Voz” as a jury, was linked to the grouper singer Lupillo Rivera. It seems that in the coexistence by the recordings of the cycle the love had awakened.

When the successful singer-songwriter was asked about romance, she denied that there was a love bond. He said Rivera was just a friend and avoided talking about the subject again during the interview he gave for the magazine “People in Spanish.” In October last year it was the 47-year-old interpreter who referred to the actress of Spanish origin and confirmed that he had had a romantic relationship from March to August of 2019. He also showed in his comments that he was still very much in love with her.


The truth is that, now Lupillo would be avoiding talking about the subject and even naming his former jury partner in “La Voz”. Upon being consulted by a medium, he was silently called and thanked the journalists for the interview.

Withdrawing immediately and without making any other statement about Belinda and her supposed secret romance, the man asked reporters not to say that a mess was made at the time of his departure. What will the pop star think about it?