It Was Finally Known! This Is Hailey Baldwin’s Most Hidden Tattoo And The Reason He Did It

Surely you are just learning that Hailey Baldwin had a tattoo and you have been surprised with the title of the note, but the truth is that almost nobody knew that he had it because it is almost imperceptible.

No one doubts that since Hailey He started dating Justin Bieber and then married him, his fame grew by leaps and bounds, becoming one of the celebrities that has most caught the attention of the press. Related NewsBut in addition, the model, like Kendall Jenner or Bella Hadid, was also born into a successful family, since her father is the actor Stephen Baldwin and her uncle, Alec Baldwin.

However, the American has always been characterized by having a much lower profile than that of her relatives, which meant that in some way or another, she was in any situation in the background, especially now that it is Justin Bieber’s wife, she prefers to continue maintaining that profile she always managed, because she knows that her place is in the world of catwalks, that’s where she always likes to shine.


And although he doesn’t like being the center of attention, Baldwin is very clear about his convictions. Something that has shown us his most hidden and imperceptible tattoo or perhaps, the only one he has.

We believe that many times tattoos help us understand a little more the personality and things that interest people, in this case the famous 23-year-old who decided to have a date with numbers inscribed on the wrist of his left hand Romans: June 10, 1990. “I have my parents’ wedding date tattooed,” the model told PopSugar. “It was the first tattoo I had, and the one with the most sentimental value for me.” Obviously, her family is very important to her.