Italian Candidates Prepare For Elections

Italian Candidates Prepare For Elections

The candidates of the different Italian political parties have closed the electoral campaign this Friday ahead of the elections scheduled for this Sunday, in which the right-wing bloc is the favorite.

The leader of the Democratic Party (PD), Enrico Letta, has closed his last rally in the People’s Square of the country’s capital, Rome, assuring that they have campaigned talking about “the Italy of the future” as opposed to the Italy of the past and of the divisions. “We are going to win: long live a democratic and progressive Italy”, he said.

Letta has spoken that, unlike the right, which has chosen to benefit “the rich and not the weak”, an idea that he has described as “wrong”, the Democratic Party has opted for tax reduction.


“We made the decision to defend the Italian Constitution, born of the Resistance and antifascism. We will not allow that Constitution, the most beautiful in the world, to be overthrown by the right,” he added, according to ‘Corriere della Sera’.

The Italian leader of the center-left bloc also thanked the late President of the European Parliament, the socialist David Sassoli, recalling some words he spoke: “We are hope, when we fight against all injustices, when we don’t build walls and we build walls on the borders,” said Letta.

For his part, the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, who opened the Democratic Party rally with a first speech, defended that Sunday will be a decisive day, since the country is at a “crossroads.” “In each school there will be a ballot between us and Meloni, between the future and the return to the past”, he has sentenced.

At the other end of Italy, the far-right leader Giorgia Meloni, president of the Brothers of Italy, held a rally in Naples in which she assured that the left “did not have cultural hegemony, but hegemony of power.” “They are concerned with their entire power system because it can end,” she has said.

“The Italian left has gone around the world spitting on its nation to try to win. This is unacceptable. I do not need to speak ill of Italy as Enrico Letta did in the election campaign,” he assured, according to Rai News.

5 Star Movement

Back in Rome, in the Plaza del Santo Ap√≥stol, hundreds of people have gathered for the closing rally of the 5 Star Movement (M5S), led by Giuseppe Conte, who has said that they gave the party “for dead”. “This square is a sign of good health,” he pointed out.

“Sunday is an important day. We must focus on the indifferent, on those who no longer believe in good politics. They must come to vote to decide the fate of this country,” said the M5S leader, reiterating his refusal to a government of national unity.

Tercer Polo, made up of the parties of Matteo Renzi (Italia Viva) and Carlo Calenda (Acci√≥n), has also closed the electoral campaign in a closing ceremony in Rome, where the former has said that they will have “a great result”.

For his part, the Italian Luigi di Maio, leader of Civic Commitment, has ruled that “the opposition cannot be the political objective.” “The ambition must be to go to government, make reforms and try to change the country,” he said at the end of the campaign.



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