Italy Begins Its Second Phase Of De-escalation: What Can And Cannot Be Done From Today

Italy begins the phase of gradual de-escalation in the emergency against Covid-19 with the resumption of activity in industries, construction and wholesale trade, and a slight relief from confinement with security and distance measures.


What can and cannot be done from today:

Manufacturing, such as textiles and fashion, construction, wholesale trade linked to the active sectors, are restarted and 4.4 million people are expected to return to work.

Bars and restaurants can only resume business with home delivery or takeaway food. Only if epidemiological data is confirmed to the downside is it expected to reopen no earlier than June 1.

All retail businesses other than those already authorized (food, personal hygiene, kiosks, pharmacies and parapharmacies, tobacconists, bookstores, children’s and baby clothing stores, flowers and plants) are still closed. Its opening is scheduled for May 18.

Visits to “loved ones” will be allowed, while the ban on gatherings remains. The Government was forced to specify that the “loved ones” were “spouses, with a kinship relationship and civil unions, as well as relationships characterized by a lasting common life”, therefore, unmarried partners or boyfriends. Friends are excluded.

Travel for the permitted reasons, that is, work and health, is only allowed in the same region of residence.

It is not allowed to go to a second residence. Only if necessary to carry out maintenance interventions, but in any case only if they are in the same region of residence.

Students or workers who have stayed in study or work cities can return “to their home or place of residence”, but from there they will not be able to return to the region from which they left.

Public transport will be one of the critical points of the restart. The regions have the task of specifying the rules to guarantee their operation respecting the distance. There will be parameters to fill vehicles and wagons, while there is an obligation for users to wear a mask and, in some regions, disposable gloves.

Parks and gardens reopen to the public, not children’s play areas, but space must be maintained. Barbecues or picnics are prohibited.

There are no schedules. The “proximity to home” limit is removed. Therefore, travel is allowed, including by car, to go to a green area or area where you can walk, run, or perform other physical or sports activities.

Closed-door training is allowed for individual and team sports, for athletes (professional and otherwise) declared of national interest by the Italian Olympic Committee.

Universities can take exams, keeping distance conditions.

Funerals are allowed, but with a maximum of 15 people and masks are required and you can also go to cemeteries, but masses are prohibited for now.



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