Italy Exceeds 10,000 Deaths Of People With Coronavirus With 889 Deaths In 24 Hours

In the last 24 hours, 889 people with coronavirus have died in Italy, which means reaching 10,023 deaths since the start of the health crisis. There is a small decrease in the death toll from Friday, the day a new record was reached with the deaths of 919 people.


The number of new infections remains similar: this Saturday 5,974 new cases were recorded and the previous day there were 5,959. The total figure since the beginning of the epidemic amounts to 92,472. Italian authorities have also reported that 12,384 patients have been cured of the disease, an increase in 1,434 people with respect to the balance of the previous day.

Italy is the country in the world with the most deaths with coronavirus, while Spain is in second place with the 5,690 deaths reported by Health this same Saturday. In the number of infections, the United States is the only country that surpasses Italy with more than 100,000 cases throughout the country.

Italian Head of State Sergio Mattarella sent a new message to citizens last night in which he tugged at the European Union after the summit in which the Netherlands and Germany blocked a more ambitious economic plan against the coronavirus.

“Other common initiatives are indispensable, overcoming old patterns that are now beyond the reality of the dramatic conditions in which our continent finds itself. I hope that everyone understands fully, before it is too late, the gravity of the threat to Europe” , he stated in the televised message. And he added: “Solidarity is not only required by the values ​​of the Union but is also in the common interest.”



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