Itatí Cantoral Returns To The Cinema … And To The Theater, TV And Dubbing Too

Itatí Cantoral is one of the best known faces in the Mexican show. It is likely that the actress will be remembered forever as Soraya Montenegro, the unforgettable and frequently cited soap opera villain la María la del barrio ’, and the character that would have forever changed the life of the Mexican. It is a great favorite in the world of memes and has even been revived to appear in promotions and commercials. And Itatí’s career continues, because he will return to the cinema and through the big door. The actress, also the daughter of composer Roberto Cantoral, has done much more than immortalize the phrase “Damn crippled.” Currently, he has several projects on the doorstep, including a movie, a play, the dubbing of a character in the upcoming movie of ‘Minions’ and more episodes of ‘Rent rooms’, a Mexican sitcom (sitcom) by Comedy Central that has just premiered its second season. A new comedy format ‘Rooms for rent’ would be the first original sitcom produced by Comedy Central in Latin America and the few Mexican series with this format that has a live audience. In fact, the predicted success for the series was such that it was renewed for a second season before its first episode premiered in October 2019.The series had a warm reception from the audiences and would have exceeded the average rating of the channel, becoming the best premiere of Comedy Central Latin America in 2019. The production is carried out by Viacom International Studios (VIS) through Endemol Shine Boomdog, with a script by David Hernández and a cast full of Mexican talent that includes Armando Hernández, María Chacón, Carlos Espejel, Paco Rueda, Yare Santana, Irving Peña and Jorge Ortín.You may also be interested: Karina Gidi, when talent without scandals makes it difficult to ‘survive the performance’In’ Rooms are rented ‘, a family The wealthy woman is forced to move to a popular neighborhood in Mexico City, renting the rooms of the old house where they take refuge after being bankrupt. Fans of the series can buy tickets to be part of the audience, which as in ‘The Nanny’ and ‘Friends’ react to jokes in real time. “They can already search through social networks where the site of’ They rent quarters’, so that they already have their tickets now, ”said Cantoral about the second season, which will feature Roberto Palazuelos. The return to the big screen But the series is far from being the only project th at the actress brings , since Cantoral returns to the big screen after his appearance in ‘No manches Frida 2’. This time, we will see her in a new feature film under the direction of Mexican Maryse Sistach, who is remembered for her 2001 film, ‘Perfume of violets.’ “I have a movie with Maryse Sistach, where I make a woman who has a salon of beauty and a tragedy happens to her – as Maryse Sistach does very well, ”the actress shared recently, adding that ‘Perfume of violets’ is a difficult film to forget. The actress did not share more information about the project in which she will work with the Mexican filmmaker, but seems to be excited with all her future plans, although she admitted that she would like to return to the world of soap operas when her long list of projects allows it. Theater, dubbing and more The actress, a theater lover, believes that actors and audiences in Mexico have a responsibility to support the theater. Cantoral was the godmother of the re-release of the play ‘Shadows in Paradise’, which was presented at the El Hormiguero Cultural Center last Sunday, February 3. “It is a play that fills me with emotion because I consider that we the actors, and the public, and the Mexicans, have to support the theater, ”said the actress during the event in El Hormiguero, emphasizing how important it is that people can see the work of someone like Alberto Estrella, who participates In this staging, Cantoral will appear with this actor in ‘Without permission away from home’, a staging which will premiere on March 18 at the Asphalt Curtain in Mexico City. He will also lend his voice to a new villain in ‘Minions: The Rise of Gru’, the next film of the popular franchise that emerged from ‘Despicable Me’. “I will be the teacher of Gru, the director of the villains. So, if you want to be good villains, join me, girls. It’s now or never, “the actress joked. Read more You may also be interested: Flor Rubio in ‘Come the joy’, would she have the same ‘power’ as Andrea Legarreta in ‘Hoy’? Itatí yesterday and today The actress has worked in cinema , theater and television throughout his career.In cinema, we have seen it in ‘Tired of kissing toads’, ‘The perfect dictatorship’, ‘Love of my loves’ and ‘No manches Frida 2’, among others. theater, her fans have been able to see her on stage as ‘Cabaret’, ‘Aventurera’, ‘Fatal attraction’ and ‘Testosterone’ by Ana Francis Mor, with which she was on the billboard until December 22, 2019 with Álvaro Guerrero.But it could be said that a good part of her followers remember her for her television appearances and characters that include Soraya Montenegro in ‘María la del barrio’, Cassandra in ‘Tú y yo’, Silvia Pinal in ‘Silvia Pinal, in front to you ‘, Sandra in’ Killer Women ‘and Alejandra Álvarez in ‘Until the money separates us’, with Pedro Fernández, after overcoming the alleged veto that Televisa would have put on him for making a soap opera for Chain 3. Without a doubt, Itatí is more in force than ever.