“It’s Hard To Be With Such An Old Man”: Ex Al Pacino Talks About His Thunder

Israeli actress Meital Dohan commented that the age difference of almost 40 years ended up affecting their relationship

A few weeks ago rumors began to spread that Al Pacino , 79, he had returned to singleness, as he attended only the last gala of the Oscars. Now, Mehan Dohan, his ex-girlfriend of 40 years, confirmed that they did end their relationship after more than two years together and revealed the reasons.


As the interpreter has said to a media outlet in Israel, a country from which she is originally, the decision to end this courtship would have been made by the great difference in age that separated them, something that eventually became unsustainable.

“It’s hard to be with such an old man, even if it’s Al Pacino”the actress said to The Times of Israel, to which he added that this generation gap has been very “difficult” to endure for her despite admiring the American deeply and trying not to see the impediments: “I tried to deny it, but he is too old a man, to be honest. Therefore, even with all my love, ours did not last, ”said Dohan.

In addition to this first reason for rupture, which in the first two years had not been a problem, Dohan admitted that another thing that bothered him most during his engagement with the popular Hollywood actor was that he “did not like to spend money ”, Something that also precipitated everything.

Now, what kind of relationship do you see between Al Pacino and she for the short term future, the ex-partner of the actor concludes that she would like them both to remain friends for what they have lived in the time they have been together.

“I was glad to be there for him when he needed me, and to be part of his legacy. I am glad that this relationship has happened between us and I hope we continue to be good friends. ”