“It’s Sad And Worrying”: Colate Reacts To Embarrassing Video By Paulina Rubio

The Mexican singer starred in a video where she detuned and behaved strangely and her ex-husband did not remain silent, because he did not do anything funny

The embarrassing video he starred in Paulina Rubio To promote the “Stay at home” campaign, he has given a lot to talk about and, although the singer was the first to laugh at the cr iticism she received, she was now her ex-husband, Nicolás Vallejo-Nágera ‘Colate’

, who opined on the video and apparently did not do anything funny.


The father of Andrea Nicolás, the oldest son of the Mexican, granted an interview to the agency Europa Press to tell how the coronavirus pandemic quarantine was going.

After clarifying that he has been confined at his home in Miami and that his son, who is next to his mother, is handling him very well, the Spanish cannot avoid an obligatory question: What do you think of the controversial video of his ex-wife where detune and behave strangely?

“Unfortunately I have seen it, many times I make an effort not to see things that I do not like, but in this case I think they have sent me about 300 times and unfortunately I have seen it,” he accepted. “It is a sad and worrying subject, it is a subject that distresses me and worries me a lot, it does not surprise me, but it is obviously sad,” he said.

On what is his opinion of what is rumored on social networks (netizens claim that ‘The Golden Girl’ had consumed some substance), the businessman said: “I also do not think he was doing what they say he was doing. But it is clear that the behavior and his condition is not good and I think he should do something about it. “

Until now, Paulina Rubio she has not explicitly ruled on the controversy, what she did do was publish another video in which she mocks herself and the mistakes made during her live performance. In this video he uses several of his songs to address the mistakes he had; with Nothing was an error and I am not that woman hinted that he knows he failed, but still takes it with humor.

For his part, Collate, who has faced in recent years Paulina For the custody of her son, she expressed her concern for the mother of her son: “I know her better than anyone and it is a subject that saddens me and worries me a lot, but I cannot do anything,” he concluded.