"It's The People's Coalition," Lacalle Pou Proclaims In The Final Campaign Act – Information – 11/21/2019

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At one point he was advised to move from La Tahona. How could a president of the Republic live in a private neighborhood? But Luis Lacalle Pou ruled it out of singing. It is that the white leader had decided that if he wanted to win the presidential band he had to show himself as he is, prepare a professional technical team and a solid government plan to convince citizens. His plan started the other day of the blow that was taken when Tabaré Vázquez defeated him in 2014. Yesterday his cell phone marked that there are only four days left for the elections; a day where he hopes that the polls will give him the result for which he began preparing five years ago.

His last step in the long race was to buckle the coalition of opposition parties that allowed him to go out to compete in the ballot with the guarantee of the parliamentary majority. And yesterday the candidate came out to give that signal by bringing the leaders of each party to the stand.

Ernesto Talvi of the Colorado Party, Edgardo Novick of the People's Party and Pablo Mieres of the Independent Party. Missing the leader of the Open Council, Guido Manini Ríos, who was in the interior of the country doing his own campaign with the aim of winning Lacalle Pou on Sunday.

But the "family photo" still came out, with Irene Moreira, who was invited to the podium on behalf of her husband: the retired military man Manini Ríos. "This is the middle of the house," Lacalle Pou said between smiles. Is that Moreira militated for a long time for the National Party and became edila in Artigas.

Closing ceremony of Luis Lacalle Pou. Photo: Gerardo Pérez

“This coalition, which some tried to upset by saying that it was between four walls, did not realize that it is the coalition of the people, not of the politicians. You gave us strength. They not only gave us the message of unity, ”emphasized Lacalle Pou.

“Olé, olé, if this is not the town, where is the town?” Chanted the audience that interrupted Lacalle Pou's speech several times to encourage him to shout “President!”. The white leader knows that Sunday comes as a favorite, he knows that the climate around him is one of joy and confidence, and he also knows that in stores opposite the ambience the atmosphere is the opposite.

He insists that the government party was isolated and without the necessary support to win and govern, and that is why Lacalle Pou goes out to show what he considers two of his main strengths:

"The message is with this political back – signaling to the representatives of the opposition parties – and with this popular support, that is to say that I want to be president of the Republic" and that his hand will not tremble to exercise authority.

Lacalle Pou knows that the next term will not be easy, and uses a more country-like expression to graph it: "Be careful that the next five years are not going to be changa, eh," he warns his followers in each act.

But he hopes that the plurality of parties of his unpublished coalition is a strength and not a weakness as they pose from the Broad Front.

Campaign closure of Luis Lacalle Pou. Photo: Gerardo Pérez.

“We are going to end a truly unique government. I want a government of many truths, tolerant, that does not make diversity a discourse but the daily practice, ”he remarked.

His message also seeks to respond to the ruling party, who tried to silver in the campaign that if they won the National Party they will cut the so-called “rights agenda”.

The candidate seeks to placate the exitism that reigns in the environment. "Not all the fish sold," he insists again and again at each public exit. "Beware of triumphalism, which is poison for a political party," he adds.

However, your request does not achieve much result in militancy. "Let's party!" Shouts a lady. "Recreation is over," is another scream that is heard, and again the "Feel, President Lacalle."

Many know him as "El Cuquito", in the last campaign he was baptized "pompita", and of both nicknames, in this campaign, the white leader sought to profit by mentioning them in his speech to make humor. But those who have known him since his teens called him "El Manga".

A nickname earned by his position on the soccer field, when he put on his gloves to cut at a time when the Brazilian Haílton Corrêa de Arruda was an idol in Nacional. Yesterday Lacalle Pou assumed a role of football coach warning how it will be in the presidency if he has to win. “If the government is doing well, it's because of the team. If the government is doing badly, it is my responsibility and I will take charge. I will not go out to look guilty, ”he said.

"I hope Vázquez opens all the information"

The candidate of the National Party has already announced that if he wins he will carry out audits throughout the country in all the dependencies of the State. “I hope President Vázquez opens all the information. We can't start a government if we don't do audits, ”he said yesterday in Las Piedras. The white candidate maintains that it is not his purpose to go out to do "a witch hunt", but he did warn that if irregularities are found, he will send those cases to Justice.

Lacalle Pou promised to work with dedication and implement his government program that was thought by the technical team and then agreed with the opposition parties. “The people do not deserve trial and error. The ruler cannot rehearse and err with the Uruguayan people, ”he said in Las Piedras.

Thinking who to hand the band to

His political strategy is focused on March 2, 2025. That day Luis Lacalle Pou dreams of passing the presidential band to a white leader. It is his way of stating that this is proof that he will work to make a good government.

But yesterday in Las Piedras it opened even more the options to engage all the parties of the “multicolored coalition”.

“We are convinced that it is worth it. In five years I hope that in these colors is the next president of the Republic, then we will see in which one, ”he said and added:“ There is no hurry, first we have to do and we have to do a lot, ”he said with a smile.

In that line the candidate of the National Party explained that he understands that cry of the people who chant: "They leave, they leave". But he asked to change it for a more positive one: "We come."

“Actually if this process ends up changing one half for the other we don't understand anything, if this process is like a rematch either. The idea is that on November 25 we all take a step and move forward as a country, ”he said.

So in the last days of the campaign, he asked that if they have to go out and convince the undecided, be careful with the form: “A vote is not worth a lie. You have to win with the truth and transparency. ”