Ivanka And Donald Trump Cause Controversy For Posing With Products “for Latinos”

Latin American food products company Goya is at the center of the debate in the United States, after its CEO praised President Donald Trump, unleashing calls for a boycott, which the president responded on Wednesday, fueling the controversy.

The popular food brand, which produces everything from marinades to beans and sauces such as Creole mojo, has been embroiled in controversy since its CEO, Robert Unanue, attended an event at the White House last week, where he said that States America is “blessed” to have Trump as president.

Then the storm broke out calling for a boycott of this company, since the Latino community has been the target of disparaging comments by the president, especially in his 2016 campaign, when he referred to Mexicans as “rapists” and “criminals.”


Less than four months before the presidential elections, comments from people multiplying on the internet sharing their recipes to make their own marinade, but also calls to buy more products to show political support, with labels such as the “Goya challenge”.

Meanwhile, Unanue remained firm in his statements and Trump celebrated this Wednesday affirming on Twitter that the Goya company “is doing great.”

“The defamation machine of the radical left failed, people are buying like crazy,” said the president, whose daughter who works as a government adviser, Ivanka, posed on Tuesday with a can of black beans on Twitter with the message “Yes it’s Goya, it has to be good. ” Shortly after, Trump himself uploaded a photo of him with Goya products to his Instagram.

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Ivanka received a wave of criticism and in addition to several warnings that federal employees are prohibited from promoting any product or service.

Popular Puerto Rican Democrat congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded with a satirical tone also in Spanish “If it’s Trump, he has to be corrupt.”

Ivanka Trump poses with Goya’s can of beans

Ivanka Trump, adviser and daughter of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, stirred controversy on Wednesday by promoting the Hispanic food brand Goya Foods, amid the boycott launched by the Latino community against the company after its CEO Robert Unanue praises the president’s leadership.

In a show of support for the company, Ivanka published a photo on social media last night with a can of the brand’s black beans with the slogan “If it’s Goya, it has to be good”, in both Spanish and English.

The daughter of the American President is very active on social networks and has more than 9 million followers on Twitter and more than 6 million on Instagram.

His curious image next to the can of beans quickly went viral, as the largest Hispanic-based food company in the United States faces a wave of criticism from prominent Latino figures such as Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or the artist. Lin-Manuel Miranda, who have called not to buy their products since Unanue appeared last Thursday at an event at the White House.

“If he is Trump, he has to be corrupt,” Ocasio-Cortez also quipped on social media.

The US president himself was also involved in assuring from his Twitter account that “Goya is doing very well” and adding that “the Radical Left’s smear machine has had counterproductive results; people are buying like crazy.”

Beyond the attacks on social media, Ivanka’s image could represent a violation of ethical laws for federal employees, which prohibit them from using their “positions to endorse any product, service or company”.




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