Jackie Chan And The Coronavirus: The Truth Of The Alleged Quarantine Of The Actor

Although it was said that the martial arts expert had been at a party where there were sick people, then it was found that everything was a confusion.

The rumor spread over the weekend that Jackie Chan He attended a party in Hong Kong where the guests ended up infected with coronavirus (2019-nCoV), but it was all a confusion.


The comedian, famous for his martial arts skills, was at a party in the Yau Yat Chuen Garden Club, in Kowloon, and not in the celebration organized by the Chinese police for the withdrawal of one of its agents, where 59 elements were quarantined.

Jackie, actors Alan Tamb Y Alex Fongas well as the director Eric Tsang They were also at a celebration with members of the police elite, but that took place at the same time and half an hour away from the tribute for the retirement of a 48-year-old man, who after the meeting tested positive for the 2019- nCoV.

The mother-in-law and the wife of the honoree, as well as four other agents showed symptoms of the disease after being in a seafood restaurant in the Western District, far from where they were Chan and his companions.

So far neither Jack not even the health authorities of Hong Kong have confirmed their state of health, but there is certainty that it is not in forty and it seems that everything was a smear campaign to the actor for showing his support for the forces of the order of that country, who have been accused of acting brutally.

In addition, it is believed that the disease was attributed because a few weeks ago Chan He offered a unique reward through his social network Weibo: one million yuan (almost three million pesos) to those who find the coronavirus vaccine.


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