Jacky Bracamontes Awesome With His New Figure

Jacky Bracamontes impressive with his new figure. | Instagram

Jacky Bracamontes impressive with his new figure. The "arrangements" made by the actress and conductor recently after five children make her look almost perfect.

The beautiful Jacky Bracamontes gives us a taste of the results of the cosmetic surgeries she underwent to profile her body because she herself says it was fair and necessary after five pregnancies because the body undoubtedly changes after motherhood.


Unlike many figures in the show who prefer not to talk about the surgeries they undergo over the years, Jacky Bracamontes preferred to announce it openly to avoid rumors and gossip.

After leaving the hospital Jacky Bracamontes detailed what was done in the body in a multiple surgery that lasted almost seven hours and from which he still continues to recover satisfactorily at home next to his family.

Jacky Bracamontes sewed the muscles of the abdomen, the bust was lifted and liposuction was done to maintain a figure of envy that should be sought because his image is very important in his career.

Here is the picture of what it looks like after surgery