Jacky Bracamontes Confesses That Actor Has Kissed Her Better: Don’t Judge Me, He Said

Jacky Bracamontes confesses that actor has kissed her better: Don’t judge me, he said | Instagram

Actress Jacky Bracamontes caused a stir with her recent statements about which actor is the best kisser.

The beautiful actress and conductor Jacky Bracamontes, confessed one of the secrets behind the small screen.


Actress Jaliscience surprised after revealing who among the actors with whom she has worked on various projects has exchanged the best kisses through the screen.

Although the famous actress has collaborated with a large number of actors on screen, the conductor revealed she has her favorite.

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The protagonist of stories such as the fools do not go to heaven and Sortilegio revealed that he has worked with stars like Eduardo Santamarina, Guy Ecker, Jaime Camil and William Levy, has his favorite

However, the one who has the first place for the star if it is about kissing scenes is Guy Ecker.

I have to confess something to them but Estela (referring to the actor’s wife) don’t judge me by what I am going to say, but I did several soap operas, I had several protagonists and the one th at best kisses is Guy Ecker “

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Likewise, the actress and conductor asked that they not reveal her secret and apologized to the wife of the galan of telenovelas.

Do not tell anyone. Estela, don’t be mad at me, ”said the actress.

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On the other hand, the actress who is currently very devoted to her family confessed that only once in her life was she unfaithful, however, it was not a very pleasant situation, so she would not repeat it again under any circumstances.

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However, he experienced such a situation at a very young age and without much experience, the beautiful driver revealed.

I was 16 years old. With a kiss and I did regret my whole life, ”said the beautiful member of Divine Net.

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Likewise, the issue of bad practices on the intense relationships that lead people to commit what is known as polygamy, which he made clear that would never be part of such a relationship, was addressed in this issue.

I could not (have an open relationship) … Forget that I am married, if I was single and a type of ‘hey how you see’ arrives or that is the agreement we were talking about I could not. I don’t know if it comes from cultural, educational or that I’m jealous, but I couldn’t share my wey with someone else, ”he said.