Jacky Bracamontes: That's How It Looked After Cosmetic Surgery

Jacky Bracamontes: that's how it looked after cosmetic surgery | instagram

Jacky Bracamontes: that's how it was after the cosmetic surgery, just a few days ago the beautiful tapatia shared with his followers the news that there would be “some fair and necessary arrangements, after 4 pregnancies” he said in his official account.

Just two days ago the famous posed smiling minutes before the intervention commenting that it was "Tinsmith and paint time", the comments of several celebrities began to arrive, including: Consuelo Duval, Andrea Legarreta, Sebastián Rulli, to name a few.


All of them wishing you the best of vibes, remember that the conductor is very dear in the middle of the show, which is not surprising since she has a unique personality, full of simplicity and sympathy.

The support of his followers

Of course, the comments of his fans could not be missed, even though they assured that he was already beautiful and that they admired his honesty in sharing that cosmetic surgery will be done, since many celebrities often deny it.

It was until yesterday that we had news of the spectacular actress and conductor thanks to the already popular Instagram social network, where through her stories Jacky Bracamontes pointed out: that she had had a complicated day but that everything was going well.

The photo

We share the image where Jacky Bracamontes is seen resting after the intervention, the actress knows that her fans care about her so she shared the following message, included in the photo.

Jacky Bracamontes: that's how it looked after cosmetic surgery: Captura