Jacky Bracamontes Undergoes Cosmetic Surgery And Publishes Photos

Jacky Bracamontes undergoes cosmetic surgery and publishes photos. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

All women are beautiful, however, over the years and some other factors, such as pregnancy, the physicist is changing and it is valid to make some arrangements to correct them. Jacky Bracamontes undergoes cosmetic surgery and publishes photos, he announced on social networks.

The driver Jacky Bracamontes made use of her social network Instagram to publicize her brave decision, and explained the reasons why some “arrangements” will be made, which she considered necessary.


And, after 4 pregnancies, the body and skin is not the same, so the beautiful artist entered the operating room to undergo surgery, which will leave her even more beautiful.

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Jacky Bracamontes uploaded a photograph that, in the beginning alarmed his followers, because he was lying in a hospital bed, and connected to a serum, as well as in the typical gown of hospital patients, his face completely washed and hair simply picked up.

“Tinsmith and paint time. Scalpel, come to me! With pleasure, I want to share that I have decided to pamper myself with fair and necessary arrangements. After 4 pregnancies, ugh! It was urgent, ”began the message that surprised everyone.

Likewise, Jacky's mother, Regina, Carito, Paula and Emilia, thanked all those who have shown support for their decision and who have been concerned about their state of health.

“Thank you for your prayers and for your support always. I will tell you how I am doing, although the doctor says that I will hate him for a whole week. Thank you my Martin for being by my side and always supporting me and spoiling me, ”he concluded.

The messages of support from his fans and his fellow artists, were swift, such as Marco Antonio Regil, Cyntia Urías, Consuelo Duval, Luis Fonsi, Grettell Valdez, Mairyn Villanueva and Andrea Legarreta, among others.