Jair Bolsonaro Announced That Donald Trump Will Not Apply Tariffs On Brazilian Steel And Aluminum

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, announced Friday that his US pair Donald Trump gave up imposing tariffs on Brazilian steel and aluminum, following a telephone dialogue between both leaders.

"(Trump) was convinced of my arguments and decided that our steel and aluminum will not be overweight," Bolsonaro said in a video posted on his Facebook account.

Trump published a tweet in which he mentioned having had a "great" conversation with Bolsonaro, but not to mention an agreement. "We have talked about many issues, including the commercial one. The relationship between the United States and Brazil was never so strong!" He wrote.


Bolsonaro said the telephone conversation was due to a Trump initiative.

Just had a great call with the President of Brazil, @JairBolsonaro. We discussed many subjects including Trade. The relationship between the United States and Brazil has never been Stronger!

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 20, 2019

"I recently received a call from Mr. Donald Trump … We had a conversation of about 15 minutes, with the cordiality and respect due between two heads of state," he said.

The United States reimposed on December 2 tariffs on steel and aluminum from Brazil and Argentina, taking a serious blow to the strategy of the ultra-right-wing president of Brazil to strengthen the alliance between the two largest economies in the American hemisphere.

In announcing that Trump had changed his mind, Bolsonaro said: "The Americans are our great partners, we have a lot in common. The personal friendship, the sympathy that I feel for him and that he has for me are further strengthened."

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In early 2018, Trump decided to apply global tariffs of 25% on steel imports and 10% on aluminum, but in March of that year he approved exemptions for some countries, including Argentina and Brazil, which agreed to quotas.

"We came to a good conclusion, I am very happy, I thank the team that worked with me" in the negotiations, Bolsonaro added in the 20-minute video.

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Brazil accounts for about 14% of all steel imports from the United States and is its second largest supplier behind Canada.

The United States is the main destination of Argentine steel and aluminum exports, representing a market of 700 million dollars, according to official data.

Source: AFP




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