James Rodríguez: Zidane Would Give Real Madrid Substitutes More Play – International Soccer – Sports

Real Madrid is advancing in its preparation for what will be the end of the season, which was affected by the spread of the coronavirus. Little by little, the loads have been increasing and tactical work is already being done with the ball in certain groups to recover that football memory.

In the midst of this panorama, Colombian midfielder James Rodríguez is one of the footballers who have been preparing under the orders of coach Zinedine Zidane, showing good shape and without losing the magic he has in his left leg. But will it be enough to be taken into account by the French coach?

This Wednesday, the Spanish newspaper As published on its cover an image that suggests a lot and hints at the possibilities that the Colombian could have for this end of the campaign. In it, Zidane is seen with open hands and under these, footballers such as Nacho, Lucas Vázquez and James himself. The title is very clear: ‘The hour of the substitutes’.


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The note to which this cover refers ensures that the Real Madrid coach has all his staff and will use all his footballers when they are needed to go for the League title.

“‘I am going to need you all’ is the message that Zidane has repeated the most to his players during the first week and a half of training in Valdebebas,” the publication said.

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Furthermore, he suggests that the “express calendar and the five changes bring a new scenario for substitutes.” And that “Zidane, the one with the fewest changes, returns to rotations to use all his men.” Can James have more prominence in this campaign closure?