Jane Fonda Is Arrested For The Second Time

Washington – Inspired by a Swedish teenager's climate change activism, Jane Fonda said she will return to civil disobedience almost half a century after she was last arrested in a protest.

Fonda, known for opposing the Vietnam War, was one of the 17 protesters arrested Friday at the US Capitol on charges of an illegal demonstration by, in his words, "extremely friendly and professional" police. Actor Sam Waterston was also in the group, where there were many older protesters.

At 81, Fonda said she plans to be arrested every Friday to defend the urgent reduction in the use of fossil fuels, which she hopes to motivate other older people to demonstrate.


Being arrested in 2019 brings totally new challenges, Fonda said in an interview with The Associated Press.

These days, "they use white plastic stuff on your wrists instead of metal wives and that hurts more," he said.

"The only problem for me is that I am old," Fonda said. After being arrested for the first time last week, she had trouble getting into the police car because she was handcuffed from behind and "I had nothing to hold on to."

“What would you say to President Trump?”, Someone from the meeting asked him hours before when she and other protesters were standing in the square in front of the Capitol.

"I would not waste my breath," he replied, causing laughter.

Fonda cannot accurately remember the cause of his last arrest in the 1970s.

She said that now she tries to motivate people like her who try to reduce the use of plastic and drive cars that save fuel, but who otherwise "don't know what to do and feel incompetent."

"We try to motivate people to be more active across the age spectrum," he added.



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