Japanese Trick To Lose Weight

Japanese trick to lose weight | Pexels

Japanese trick to lose weight, we all dream of being able to lose weight without having to undergo a strict diet and without having to go to the gym every day, but the reality is that beauty costs.

They say that gaining weight is easier than losing, if lately you notice that your clothes are more tight than usual, you probably need to perform this Japanese trick to lose weight in a short time.


The name of this trick is Toshiki Fukutsudzi, a Japanese doctor who suggested a simple but magical exercise, which seems to improve your posture and cure back pain, but best of all, it is not limited to that, and it also helps to lose weight effectively.

What you need
A mat
A small towel
The process
Find a flat surface
Lie on the mat
Place your rolled towel, between your back and the surface the mat, just at the height of your navel
Join the thumbs of the feet
Separate your heels as far as possible without separating your thumbs
Raise your arms above your head
Accommodate your palms down and put your thumbs together
Hold this pose for 5 minutes
Repeat this posture at least 2 times a day

Now all you need is perseverance and determination to perform this exercise that promises to help you have an enviable figure. Do not forget to eat a balanced diet and practice some physical activity. Help your body look and feel great.

Here you can check the video