Javier Chicharito Hernández Reveals a Shocking Secret About His Possible Return To The Mexico National Team

Javier Chicharito Hernández surprised his followers by referring to the situation he is experiencing with respect to the Mexico National Team and the requests of journalists for his presence. September 14, 2021 · 15:21 hs

Javier Chicharito Hernández was once again part of the call-up with LA Galaxy where he was part of the 1-1 draw against Colorado Rapids, but he was surprised to see that journalists in Mexico demand his presence in the tricolor team.

Rumor has it that the former Manchester United footballer was on Gerardo Martino’s banned list, so his call for Playoff matches seems hard to believe.


Faced with this situation, some members of the press in Mexico began a campaign to demand the arrival of the Angelina franchise striker to the tricolor team and thus grip the shoot for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

For his part, Chicharito was surprised that his name began to circulate on the list of summoned to the selected one and made it clear in a press conference where he surprised his followers.

“As a fan of the Mexican National Team, I will always wish him the best. I have not gone for a long time. I honestly don’t know if they mention me much. I don’t see much news and I don’t know if I’m there. I’m focused on my life, my routine and its details, “revealed the forward when asked if he was surprised to be mentioned more and more in the press.

For his part, Chicharito is preparing to be a starter again in tomorrow’s match against Dynamo Houston with the intention of taking victory and returning to the goal path with the Los Angeles team.