Javier ” Chicharito ” Hernández Speaks For The First Time Of The Death Of His Grandfather

Through a transmission on Instagram, the Mexican soccer player thanked all the messages of support he received.

A day after the news of the death of Tomás Balcázar , Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández He remembered his grandfather, who was a benchmark in Mexican soccer.


The footballer made a live broadcast through his official Instagram account, where, between tears, he remembered some phrases, anecdotes and the ways in which the former national selected spoke to him.

The ‘Chicharito’ said that he will not be able to attend to accompany his family in the Perla Tapatia, despite the fact that he sought to do so as soon as he learned of the unfortunate news, however the borders between Mexico and the United States are closed due to the pandemic by COVID-19, so he was unable to travel, which made him powerless.

“I had few moments where my grandfather thanked me for wanting to follow in his footsteps of being a footballer and for having pushed me a lot in my career, getting to where I came from, unimaginable places, he thanked me a lot, he said ‘son, thank you very much, no You know how I reflect on you ‘, he is a person that I love very much, being as happy as I was with him, ”said the Mexican footballer.

“Now he is my angel, he will always be my little angel. He always loved me very much, that’s why I have so many memories in my heart, I have no regrets, we spoke very cool, I enjoyed it a lot, he spoke to me loudly, he had many phrases, moments, anecdotes, experiences, I was very happy and I am grateful for having received many tips from him, but it is very sad, it is not easy, it is not pleasant, but these are the moments where you feel deep love, because you decide to love it, I know that it will never go away and that it will be with me, ”he continued in the video from your official Instagram account.

Javier HernandezLike his grandfather, he scored France in a World Cup. Don Tomás did it in the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland, while the “Chicharito” in South Africa 2010, one of so many coincidences between grandfather and denial careers that today are part of history in Mexican soccer.

Balcázar González, 89, was hospitalized last Thursday. He was reported in serious health and intensive care in a hospital in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, and according to the journalist from Aztec TV, David Medrano, the former striker died early Sunday morning.