Jenna Dewan Wants To Get Her Maiden Name Back

Although since her separation from Channing Tatum in April 2018, virtually no one refers to her as Jenna Dewan Tatum, the name she used both at an artistic and legal level during her nine years of marriage to the aforementioned actor, the famous artist is not willing to continue calling themselves that way neither on the administrative level nor on any other. In this way, the dancer has also taken advantage of the fact that the judicial process in which her ex-husband is immersed and she follows her course – both were officially declared single four months ago, but they still have to reach an agreement on the corresponding distribution of assets – to ask the judge to eliminate the last name of his ex-husband and, thus, be Jenna Lee Dewan again for all purposes.According to the TMZ news portal, the star of cinema, who is now waiting for his second offspring with his current fiance Steve Kazee, should have no problems – at least in principle – to recover his identity before his wedding c on Channing, with whom he has little Everly, six years old, and who is still linked by a more than cordial relationship for the sake of the girl. The name change is likely to materialize in a matter of days. The last time Jenna spoke about the ins and outs of her idyllic courtship with Steve, which for now is unknown when it will lead to that long-awaited marriage union, she did it curiously to make clear the what little interest she has when planning her future life, especially the hypothetical arrival of a third offspring for her. “At this time people don’t stop asking me: ‘Are you going to plant yourself already?’. And when I think about what Maybe that’s the case, I don’t dare to say it either, you never know. And when they ask me if I’m going to have another child, the same thing happens to me … I don’t know, so I’m going to let the universe decide “, he explained last January 27.