Jenni Rivera, Reappears And Her Fans Can Not Believe It

Jenni Rivera, reappears and her fans cannot believe it | Instagram

It is clear that Jenni Rivera continues to be “La Diva de la Banda” and will continue to be so for many more years, her fans have always shown their love for her despite not being with us, however, a recent video on her account Instagram has everyone impressed.

Jenni appears in the recording in the company of three other people, perhaps for her family and followers it is surprising to see her alive again.


December 9, 2012 was a fateful day both for her family and for the admirers of the interpreter “No forgetting comes”, it was the day that Jenni lost her life along with part of her production team.

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For the moment, Rivera’s social networks are still active and it is likely that the people who are in charge of managing them have been in charge of sharing the video clip recorded by herself.

The seated diva appears wearing a blue dress, mentioning that she was given the camera so that she could record herself, however she affirms that she does not like it because the videos can be treacherous and that they also traumatized her.

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This trauma may be due to the fact that a few years ago an intimate video of the singer was leaked, which was a scandal and probably for this reason avoided at all costs that they recorded it casually.

There have been some rumors about the singer, who will probably release a new song and you may be wondering how this is possible and it is actually something simple because it could be possible that Jenni had recorded some songs before she passed away and they were left without any production which would be a Great opportunity to launch a new single on the market.

#JenniVive is widely used on their social networks, and it is not because there is a rumor that she is really alive but that she continues to be in the hearts of her followers and especially her family.

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