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Jennifer Aniston Reveals What She Hated Most About Her Time On ‘Friends’

Actress Jennifer Aniston imposed a style that thousands of women around the world imitated during the time she played Rachel Green on the series ‘Friends’.

During the 90’s, Jennifer anniston imposed a style on his hair that became so popular that it marked an entire generation, as he used it when he played his famous character from Rachel Green on the hit TV series ‘Friends’.

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The haircut became so popular that many women tried to imitate it, however, Jennifer, who initially loved him, admitted that he came to hate him after a while for a reason.

And it is that according to the same actress, her hair required constant care, because despite being considered a fairly easy style, in addition to being quite difficult to style and without the help of stylist McMillan, she had a mess. In 2011 Jennifer I affirm that Rachel Friends had “the ugliest haircut” he had ever seen.

Recently, the famous actress announced through a publication on her Instagram account the news of her recent incorporation as Creative Director to the team of the successful company Vital Proteins, founded in 2013 by Kurt seidensticker.

In her publication, the beautiful actress informed her integration to the American company, stating that she was very excited to finally be able to announce her new position. In addition, he said that for years he began to use the brand’s products, and it was because of this that when he was offered to be part of the corporation, he did not hesitate to take the offer.

“Years ago I started using Vital Proteins regularly … So when the opportunity to be part of the brand in a bigger way presented itself, I jumped on it. I have always been an advocate of finding wellness from the inside out, and I am very happy to share the importance of collagen ”, he expressed on his Instagram profile.

The 51-year-old interpreter also posed for the cameras for an ad campaign in which she showed off her incredible physique. In the photo shoot, the actress showed off her shapely figure while demonstrating some yoga moves and going for a run.

“Our strength begins from within, so I choose good nutrition and the right supplements to start my day,” shared the famous in statements to the magazine People.

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