Jennifer Lawrence Meets a Stalker Face To Face At Home

A 23-year-old woman managed to enter the mansion that the actress owns in Los Angeles through the front door, which was open, to meet her in person.

The last Sunday Jennifer Lawrence and her husband Cooke Maroney They took one of the biggest scares of their life when an unknown woman suddenly appeared in the garden of their shared house in Los Angeles.


Apparently, the 23-year-old intruder entered the property without any problem through the front door, which was not locked, with the intention of meeting the Hollywood star in person.

Versions of what happened differ markedly: Some media suggest that the bodyguard team caring for the marriage managed to stop her before she got too close to the actress, but others, such as the portal Page Sixsources close to the actress cite to ensure that the woman managed to meet her goal and ended up meeting Jennifer face to face, who would have been in charge of reducing it temporarily with Cooke until more help appeared. The police did not take long to appear at the house to arrest the young woman for a trespassing crime.

This is not the first time that the protagonist of The Hunger Games you have to deal with such a situation. The stalkers have managed to spoil her Christmas vacation on more than one occasion, which she usually spends with her family in her native Kentucky, and her best friend. Emma Stone met her precisely because they were both receiving disturbing messages from the same man, Known in the industry they work as ‘John the orchestra guy’ and they suspect it must be someone who worked in a movie studio since he has the phone number of many celebrities.