Jennifer Lopez Is Captured Without Underwear In France

Jennifer Lopez captured without underwear in France | INSTAGRAM

JLo, better known as Jennifer Lopez, was caught while she let some parts of her shine that we are very little accustomed to seeing, with an ardent outfit that unleashed the desires of her loyal fans and followers.

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On a fan page this photograph was uploaded where we can see what it seems to be, a Jennifer Lopez without underwear, something that sparked controversy and doubt, as many others say it is a skin-colored brief, so it seems that He has nothing on.

Click here to see the photograph where it appears to appear without underwear

JLo recently surprised all his fans with the release of “Dance with me”, his new song in Spanish. Through her Instagram account, the singer and actress shared a mini video that she accompanied with a part of the song.

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It can be seen that he says: “Give it harder than music to break the walls that only by dancing I heal”. He also shared the video with the full lyrics of the song on his official YouTube account and so far has more than almost 700,000 views.

One of the most popular projects is his film film “Hustlers” which took place in New York City in the middle of the year. Among the film’s recordings, the singer released a single called “Medicine” which is still playing on digital platforms and social networks and especially the reproductions on YouTube continue to play.

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Finishing the recordings of “Hustlers” the interpreter of “Jenny from the block” began a tour performing in more than 35 concerts for two months, she performed in the United States, Egypt, Russia, Turkey, Spain among others.

“Hustlers” premiered in the United States on September 13, Lopez has not rested since the beginning of the year has more and more projects.