Jennifer López: The Spectacular Red Dress Of XV Years Of Her Boyfriend's Daughter

Jennifer López: the spectacular red dress of XV years of her boyfriend's daughter | Instagram

Jennifer López: the spectacular red dress of XV years of her boyfriend's daughter. This morning, the singer shared on Instagram a beautiful photo next to the teenager, along with some very emotional words.

A previous night Alex Rodriguez had shared a photo celebrating his daughter's birthday on his official Instagram account, accompanied by Jennifer Lopez and other close relatives.


The next day he shared a video next to the beautiful birthday girl, dedicating a few words: “For my beautiful and amazing daughter, I can't believe how old you are now and how much you have grown. I am very proud of the girl you have become and continue to be every day. I am very lucky to have you as a daughter and I am honored to be your father. ”

A few hours were enough for Jennifer López to also share an image with Natasha, this time showing her beautiful red dress, the most beautiful thing in the photo is the undoubted affection that exists between the two.

Jennifer Lopez's congratulation certainly reached the heart of many: ”Wishing my favorite teenager a happy XV birthday! May you always continue to enlighten the people around you with your contagious light. I love you and I hope you have the best day. "We share the image.

We love the way Jennifer Lopez integrates with her future husband's family, no doubt an example of maturity and love. That wedding is getting closer and closer.