Jenniffer González Thunders Against FEMA For Spreading Contradictory Statements

The Washington-based commissioner, Jenniffer González, thundered this afternoon against the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), an entity that gave a shameful after, in the morning, released a press release in which he denied Gonzalez one day after the official announced the identification of $ 46 million for the construction of a new hospital in Vieques.

In today's first statement, FEMA said the information provided on the approval of funds was inaccurate.

"The reports that the funds for the construction of the new Diagnostic and Treatment Center (CDT) of Vieques have been approved are inaccurate. Although an initial cost estimate has been developed for the Vieques CDT, this project has not yet been approved. finalized and is still in process, "FEMA said in written statements.


"The collaboration between FEMA, COR3 and the applicant is ongoing. Upon final approval, the project will be funded through the FEMA Public Assistance grant program," the federal agency added.

However, a second communiqué was released in the afternoon indicating that the process for the construction of the new Vieques health center "is ongoing and we have reached an agreement on the estimated amount of funds."

FEMA said the process of reconciling differences between cost items is in the final stages.

"FEMA continues with its commitment to work with Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced, resident commissioner González Colón, COR3 and the Municipality of Vieques during all phases of reconstruction and we hope to be able to deliver a formal announcement once the fund allocation process is completed "concluded the federal agency.

Arriving this afternoon at La Fortaleza, Gonzalez ranted against FEMA by saying that the agency's initial statement denied it.

"I called the regional administration to question them about this and told them that I would no longer allow the double play of saying one thing privately and another publicly," Gonzalez said.

"It cannot be that when you call to inspect, question and emphasize where the funds are, I am told information in private to calm the spirits and when shared publicly they say they are going to review … with me that game is not going", said the resident commissioner.

"Now that the funds are over and appearing," he added, indicating that the information she provided at a press conference on Monday was correct.

Gonzalez said the process to reconcile 110 of 113 expense items has begun and should be ready in three weeks.

"That's why I said it was a preliminary agreement," Gonzalez said.