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Jesse Huerta From Jesse And Joy Undergoing Emergency Surgery After a Terrible Accident

Jesse Huerta from the musical group “Jesse y Joy” suffered a very painful and incredible accident at home playing with his dog, he said vis his Instagram stories.

Jesse Huerta said that he would undergo knee surgery due to this home accident with his knee.

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He said that he was playing with his dog when he suffered the accident, later he published short videos from the hospital and waiting to enter the operating room and when he came out he reported that everything went wonderfully.

The singer-songwriter of the duo Jesse and Joy released the news on his social networks and after coming out of surgery on his left knee, he told in detail how this incident happened, which, according to his own words, could be worse.

According to the 37-year-old song interpreter Jesse explained that in his house there is a double glass window that is usually opened for the purpose of cleaning. The window has double glass for ventilation and this time when heading towards that window he was distracted by his dog Milo and didn’t  notice that this window was closed and then he crashed through this very thick glass.

This terrible accidental impact happened and he cut his left knee, his hands and even part of his face. Jesse says he fell to the ground but did it on his knee in order to minimize the impact.

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Jesse says that thank God nothing major happened that no ligament, tendon, or bone was injured and only the glass cut his skin.

His doctor told him that he could not do physical activity for two weeks and he will not be able to move or bend his knee because he will have a knee brace on.

Jesse is a good athlete, he loves basketball, he’s a great basketball player and he trains practically every day. He also lifts weights in short, he will practically have to spend almost a month and a half off the court away from the ball, recovering from this accident that was, as he says, “hardcore” but how he feels fortunate because it did not cause greater injury.  He’s impressed on how well it is.

Still wearing surgical clothing, Jesse posted a series of videos on Instagram stories in which he shared more details about his condition.

This is how Jesse’s leg looked after the operation

“Normally, when they clean the part of the house they open the window so it can be ventilated. The glass is double to isolate the noise, it is 19 millimeters each. We ran downstairs, I turned to see the dog, and to look at him, I did not see the door handle, which was closed. It was really good for me as the accident could have been ”, explained the singer.

Jesse Huerta will have to remain immobilized for a couple of weeks for his knee to heal completely, in addition to spending three weeks without practicing any sports or physical activity.

The singer added in his videos that his puppy was fine and that the only one affected in this home incident had been him.  In addition to disclosing the account of his accident, Jesse published a picture after the operation, while his wife, Mónica León, shared in their stories that they would soon leave the hospital and go home to continue with Jesse’s recovery, who will not be short of kisses and pampering from his daughters, Hanna and Abby, and of course, from his younger sister, Joy Huerta, who will be watching him.

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