Jessica Simpson Rejected The Starring Role In ‘The Notebook’

The book just published by Jessica Simpson, a former American youth star who once enjoyed fame levels similar to those of Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears, has revealed endless secrets of her past: from the sexual abuse she suffered in his childhood to the details of his tumultuous romance with John Mayer, with whom he broke up and reconciled up to nine occasions.No subject seems to be too rough for her to dare to include it in her memoirs titled ‘Open book’, not even his own blunders. One of the biggest mistakes that he has made on the professional level and that has been encouraged to reveal now was, for example, to reject the leading role in the movie ‘The Notebook’ – known as’ Noa’s newspaper ‘in Spain and’ Diario of a passion ‘in Latin America-, which Rachel McAdams finally ended up playing. “I knew perfectly what the movie was about because I had read the script,” he has revealed. “And on top of that I would have allowed myself to work nothing more and nothing less than with Ryan Gosling.” For those who are not aware, it should be remembered that Jessica recently revealed that the attractive actor had made a bet in his teens with Justin Timberlake, his partner in the children’s program ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’, to see which of the two would kiss the singer before. Attention, spoilers: Justin finally won. However, who really liked her was Gosling, and that film would have allowed him to share with him endless passionate scenes during which the performer ended up falling in love in Rachel’s real life, with whom he maintained a romantic relationship for several years. The reason why Jessica said no to that character was precisely a sex sequence, that she did not want to shoot and that the producers refused to remove from the plot. When the artist saw the film, during a plane trip shortly after announcing her separation from her ex-husband Nick Lachey, she was very moved by the final result: “All I thought was: ‘My God.’ It was the most romantic story. of the world and on top of that I had just left Nick … Everyone was watching her and I was absorbed, wishing I could find a love like that too, “he confessed.