Jim Carrey And Luisito Comunica Share Their Experience In ” Sonic “

The influencer appreciates the opportunity to diversify, while the actor is happy to return to his roots in comedy.

From Friday the cinema screens in Mexico show the film Sonic, which takes to the seventh art the iconic videogames character of SEGA, in an adventure that in Spanish has the voice of influencer Luisito Comunica for the blue hedgehog and in the part of live action the villain is the actor Jim Carrey, who is back to comedy.


They never saw each other, but thanks to the magic of cinema Luisito Y Jim they share credits in this feature film that got the approval of the specialized critic, in this crossover that makes the energy ball of the consoles to a film and that so much for the influencer, as for the experienced histrion meant an opportunity for growth.

He said Vloggerin an interview with Who, while accepting that he is very intrigued to know the response that children will have, which is not so attached to the blue hedgehog, although he relies on the feature film of Paramount pictures, with all the technical elements it offers: “(Sonic) is going to get more popular, I’m sure. “

Luis Villar Sudek He also shared how he faces the disapproval that sometimes comes because of his direct style and that today he has it at the center of the controversy: “The biggest challenge is knowing that there is an expectation to fill, but at the same time my mental state changed and (I try to) undertake projects on my own, for me and for my fans “,

Ready to move on with the way you do things, Luisito He accepted that dubbing is an art that must be taken very seriously: “What I wanted to study was my voice, but that I had an intonation; to (achieve) this, my director Ricardo Tejeda, that he is the voice really, he guided me and what we were doing was seeing the scenes and understanding how the character spoke. “

Villar he took into account the speed and the type of words so that they were in tune with the characteristics of the character: “Based on that, we adapted it to be understood in Mexico and Latin America, it was a preparation of a few days, it took me a week recording and additional ones to make small changes to the script. “

With the filming of Sonic and being called to embody the Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik, Jim Carrey He had the opportunity to rediscover himself with his funniest side, now that he decided not to worry so much about the unstoppable advance of technology or all the other negative issues that previously did not let him enjoy his passion for acting.